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    This includes direct or indirect electronic, written, oral or physical acts which physically harm a student, substantially interfere with a student's education, threaten the overall educational environment and/or substantially disrupt the operation of school.

    Bullying is repeated negative behavior towards a less powerful person or persons. Hitting, name-calling, shunning, and shaming are forms of bullying. Spreading rumors, gossiping and making threats are also forms of bullying.

    Anti-Bullying Corrective Actions

    If your child is experiencing bullying behavior at school, here a few steps you should take:

    • Promptly bring the behaviors to the attention of your child's teacher or counselor. The more information you can provide to the teacher or counselor, such as the name of the other student or student(s), the date the behaviors took place, and the location(s), the better.

    • If bullying behavior continues, promptly bring the behaviors to the principal's attention. This may include asking for a meeting in person to discuss your concerns, asking for implementation of a Safety Plan for your child to prevent future incidents or for a Student Intervention Team meeting to be held.

    If bullying behavior continues, you may file a formal complaint (Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB) Incident Reporting Form) with your school's principal. Parents and students may also call the safe schools hotline, at any time, at 206-252-0510.

    Thank you for working with Seattle Public Schools to address bullying behaviors that take place at school. As a team of school professionals,parents, and students we can work to reduce and eliminate such behaviors at school.

    Seattle Public Schools is addressing this problem through a strong anti-bullying policy and a number of programs.

    Staff HIB Training

    To help ensure a safe learning environment for our students, and to help schools enforce this policy, the Prevention-Intervention Programs provide training and resources in the following programs and topics:

    1. Steps to Respect
    2. Second Step
    3. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
    4. Internet Safety / Cyberbullying

    HIB Incident Reporting Form is found on our Safety and Security webpage

    Other Resources