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    Important Dates for Preschool Students and Families:

    August 29, 2017     Staff returns from summer break
    September 6-8       Family Connection Activities
    September 11        SPP and SPP Plus Program start
    September 18        Development Preschool Classrooms start
                       (itinerant and social skills services start this week)
    September 25        Extended Day Programs start this week

    The weekly schedule for developmental preschool classrooms will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
    Wednesday being a non-student day.                      

    Early Childhood Special Education

    Services & Programs | Birth-to-Three Transition

    Seattle Public Schools offers special education services for children age 3-5 determined eligible with a disability that impacts educational progress and who are in need of specially designed instruction. Services are provided in communication, motor, adaptive, social and/or cognitive development. Specialized services are available to children who are deaf/hard-of-hearing, children with autism and children with assistive technology or nursing needs.

    If you are concerned for a preschooler with a possible delay in development, please call our Child Find Screening and Referral line (206-252-0805).

    For questions regarding enrolling your typically developing preschooler in our program, please contact the preschool in your neighborhood.

    If your family is living in a temporary situation, you may contact our McKinney-Vento Program at 206-252-0660.

    Developmental Preschool Locations:

    NE: Thornton Creek, Sand Point, Sacajawea, Green Lake (medically fragile program)
    NW: Broadview Thomson, Viewlands, N Beach, Greenwood
    Central: Bailey Gatzert, Lowell (includes medically fragile program), Madrona, Thurgood Marshall
    SE: Dunlap, Early Learning Center, South Shore
    SW: Fairmount Park, Lafayette, STEM K-5 @ Boren, W Seattle Elementary

    Seattle Preschool Program Plus Locations:

    NE: Thornton Creek
    Central: Bailey Gatzert
    SE: Early Learning Center (at Original Van Asselt)
    SW: Boren STEM K-8

    SPS contracts for a limited number of seats at the Experimental Education Unit (EEU) at the UW

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    child playing with building blocksServices & Programs

    Our programs are designed to offer a continuum of services in an effort to meet a variety of student developmental needs. The following continuum of services are offered:

    Therapy Services Only

    Individual or small group services are provided to eligible children who can make progress in one or two developmental areas when provided with 1-2 therapy sessions per week. The sessions occur at local schools.

    Itinerant Services

    Services provided to students enrolled in a childcare/preschool located within a Seattle school, SPP or SPS Head Start program who can make progress in that environment with the support of a Special Education Teacher working within that classroom context 1-2 times per week.

    Developmental Preschool

    Programs provide high quality early childhood environments where activities are designed by Special Education Teachers and Therapists to meet the individual developmental needs of students. Preschools run morning and afternoon sessions Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Typically developing preschoolers from the community are included in many of the programs.

    Extended Day Services

    Students with autism who are enrolled in a preschool program may be considered by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team for more intensive services in addition to their preschool day in order to accomplish specific goals in their IEP.

    Social Skills Group

    This program focuses on providing direct teaching in the area of social skill development. It is a small group setting and provided once per week at the Early Learning Center.

    Seattle Preschool Program Plus (SPP Plus)

    Programs provide high quality early childhood learning environments where activities are designed by Special Education Teachers and Therapists to meet the individual developmental needs of students, and then integrated into a General Education preschool classroom structure by both Special Education and General Education Teachers. Students attend full-time, Monday thru Friday, 6.5 hours/day (except on Wednesdays which are early release days).

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    two kids holding handsBirth-to-Three Transition

    For families living within district boundaries and receiving early intervention services, transition is a time to gather information and make decisions about referring their child for evaluation. If eligible, families have the option to have their child receive special education services from Seattle Public Schools. The process includes the following:

    Transition Meeting takes place with family, agency staff and district staff at least 90 days prior to the child’s third birthday. At the meeting, a decision will be made to determine if concerns in development continue and a referral for consideration of special education evaluation is requested. A Transition Plan is also developed. Available information about the child’s development is gathered.

    Evaluation is done to determine eligibility in the possible areas of communication, cognitive development, motor-development, and self-help and social skills.

    Individual Education Program is developed by parents and district staff no later than a child’s third birthday and reflects the services the child requires.

    Services begin for eligible children by their third birthday.

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    Kids in a circle smiling and looking up at the camera 

    Contact Information

    Child Find Screening & Referral

    Heidi Gainer
    Program Specialist

    Jennifer Pelland
    Program Specialist

    Brita Lupafya
    Birth-3 Transition Coordinator

    Teresa Deegan
    Admin Specialist

    Beth Carter

    Tisha Crumley
    Inclusion Specialist