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Who should I contact?

At your child’s school

The first person to answer questions and resolve issues that you might have is often your child’s teacher or special education case manager.

The School Principal/Assistant Principal is responsible for setting the tone and addressing issues concerning discipline, instruction, and the climate of the school.

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District Central Office

The Central Office Special Education Team supports all schools, programs, and families to ensure students receive the highest quality services possible. When a question or a concern arises that cannot be addressed at your student’s school, there are resources and contacts available to get your need met.

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Special Education Ombudsperson

The Special Education Ombudsperson is a resource available to families who would like guidance or information regarding services, placement, or general questions about Special Education with Seattle Public Schools.

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Program Specialists

Each region, as well as the Private School, Early Childhood, and Transition teams have Program Specialists on staff to support and guide IEP teams. Program Specialists are Special Education Teachers on special assignment to provide an added layer of support to your student’s teacher.

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Special Education Regional Supervisors

Special Education Supervisors are another resource available when there are student needs that rise above what schools and Program Specialists are able to address.

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The Director of School-Based Special Education and the Director of Special Education are also available to address more complex questions and concerns when needed.

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Department of Special Education Services


Fax: 206-252-0053

Special Education Records

Elizabeth Eustaquio


Fax: 206-252-0895

Special Education Ombudsperson

Learn about the role of the Special Education Ombudsperson.

Margo Siegenthaler


photo of margo siegenthaler

Referral to Special Education

Birth to 3 years of age

Within Reach of Washington State toll-free at 800-322-2588

3 to 21 years of age

ENROLLED in Seattle Public Schools

Communicate with the staff at the school your child attends for Pre-Referral and Referral

NOT ENROLLED in Seattle Public Schools

3–5 years old: use Child Find

Regional Supervisors and Program Specialists

Northeast Region

Northeast Regional Supervisor

Joe Berdins or 206-252-0841

Northeast Regional Program Specialists

Michelle Bammert or 206-252-0824

photo of Michelle Bammert


  • Hazel Wolf K-8
  • Jane Addams Middle School
  • Bryant
  • Green Lake
  • Licton Springs K-8
  • John Rogers
  • Roosevelt
  • Sand Point
  • View Ridge
  • Wedgwood
Alessandra LaRosa or 206-252-0802


  • Cascade Partnership Program
  • Eckstein
  • Nathan Hale
  • Laurelhurst
  • Olympic Hills @ Cedar Park
  • Olympic View
  • Sacajawea
  • Thornton Creek K-5
  • TOPS K-8

Northwest Region

Northwest Regional Supervisor

Teresa Swanson or 206-252-0876

NW Regional Program Specialists

Catherine Cook or 206-252-0863


  • Adams
  • Ballard High School
  • Hamilton International Middle School
  • Ingraham High School
  • McDonald International School
  • John Stanford International
  • Viewlands
  • West Woodland
  • Whitman
Maki Ichikawa or 206-252-0833

Maki Ichikawa


  • Cascadia Elementary
  • Daniel Bagley
  • Broadview Thomson K-8
  • The Center School
  • B.F. Day
  • Greenwood
  • Loyal Heights
  • North Beach
  • Northgate
  • Salmon Bay K-8 @ Monroe
  • Whittier

Central Region

Central Regional Supervisor (Interim)

Devin Gurley or 206-252-0874

photo of Devin Gurley

Central Regional Program Specialists

Laurie Chirichigno

photo of Laurie Chirichigno


  • Catharine Blaine K-8
  • Frantz Coe
  • Franklin
  • Garfield
  • McClure
  • Nova
  • Washington
Elaine Parnell or 206-252-0875

photo of Elaine Parnell


  • Bailey Gatzert
  • John Hay
  • Lawton
  • Leschi
  • Lowell
  • Madrona K-8
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • Montlake
  • John Muir
  • Queen Anne
  • Stevens
  • Seattle World School

Southeast Region

Southeast Regional Supervisor

Beth Thorson or 206-252-0262

photo of beth thorson

SE Regional Program Specialists

Marcella Helgeson or 206-252-0861

photo of Marcella Helgeson


  • Cleveland
  • Dunlap
  • Hawthorne
  • Interagency Academy
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Aki Kurose
  • Rainier Beach
  • South Lake
  • South Shore K-8
  • Van Asselt
Lisa Young or 206-743-3544


  • Beacon Hill International
  • Dearborn Park
  • Emerson
  • Graham Hill
  • Kimball
  • Maple
  • Mercer
  • Orca K-8
  • Rainier View
  • Wing Luke

West Seattle Region

West Seattle Regional Supervisor

Spencer Pan or 206-252-0887

photo of spencer pan

West Seattle Regional Program Specialists

Gordon Fowlds or 206-252-0886

photo of gordon fowlds


  • Alki
  • Chief Sealth
  • Concord
  • Highland Park
  • Lafayette
  • Madison
  • Pathfinder
  • Roxhill
  • Sanislo
Amanda McNaughton or 206-252-0846

photo of amanda mcnaughton


  • Arbor Heights
  • Denny International
  • Fairmount Park
  • Gatewood
  • Genesee Hill
  • Middle College
  • Boren K8 STEM
  • West Seattle Elementary
  • West Seattle High School

Program Supervisors

Early Childhood

(Child find/Preschool/Birth-Three)

Elizabeth Carter or 206-252-0665

photo of beth Carter

Program Specialists

Heidi Gainer or 206-252-0849
Jennifer Pelland or 206-252-0845

Private School Supervisor

(Private School Referrals/Service Plans)

Robin Olney or 206-252-0870

photo of Robin Olney

Vision and Deaf Hard of Hearing Supervisor

Michael Dickneite or 206-252-0332

photo of Michael Dickneite

18-21 Year Old Transition/Bridges

Sherry Studley or 206-252-0842

photo of Sherry Studley

Program Specialist

Glen Boyd or 206-252-0837

photo of Glen Boyd

504 Plans Supervisor

Sherry Studley or 206-252-0842

photo of Sherry Studley


Chief of Student Support Services

Wyeth Jessee or 206-252-0058

photo of wyeth jessee

Director of Special Education

Michaela Clancy or 206-252-0058

photo of Michaela Clancy

Interim Director of Special Education

Trish Campbell or 206-252-0058

photo of Trish Campbell

Director of Student Support Services

Kari Hanson or 206-252-0058

photo of kari hanson

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