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    SPS Launches Accessible Educational Resources Portal
    Posted on 03/25/2016
    The link is found on all SPS websites, including schools, on the bottom left of the page.

    Accessible Educational Resources Portal is available from all SPS websites.

    Seattle Public Schools is pleased to announce the launch of its Accessible Educational Resources Portal.

    The portal is linked from every Seattle Public Schools website, including the district and school sites, on the bottom of every page with the link titled "Non-Discrimination Statement."

    The portal supports our efforts to provide equal access.

    The portal is in support of the district's ongoing commitment to ensuring that communications for district sponsored programs, events and activities are accessible to district students, staff, families and community members with disabilities.

    The portal provides many valuable resources.

    The portal provides information about accessible technology and resources to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to access website content, software, and equipment.

    The portal includes:

    • Steps about how to request an accessibility review if you are unable to access content on the district’s website
    • Information about the accessibility of content or technology used by the district
    • The ability to report barriers to accessing any technology used by Seattle Public Schools

    For questions about the portal, contact the SPS Accessibility Coordinator Michael S. Miller, or 206-252-0178

    Visit the Accessible Educational Resources Portal.