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    2015-16 Conservation Champions Announced
    Posted on 04/29/2016
    Student on an athletic field

    Congratulations to the SPS Conservation Champions 2015-16

    The Seattle Public Schools 2015-16 Conservation Champions have been announced.

    The 25 winners include Alki Elementary School Custodial Engineer, Amy Fields, the whole Green Team at Hamilton International Middle School and Licton Springs K-8 second grader, Aoife Bryan.

    Every champion and every school dedicated their school year to exploring ways to better recycle and compost, while reducing trash and waste, and saving energy.

    It’s all part of Seattle Public Schools #SPSGoingGreener campaign to engage and raise conservation awareness among teachers, staff, students, and communities. And it all starts with our schools.

    Every Spring SPS asks schools to nominate a person or group that worked to foster a culture of conservation at their school. Not only does conservation ensure a brighter future for our students , it also results in financial savings that enable greater investment in our core mission of excellence in education.

    Read about all the 2015-16 Conservation Champions.

    And here are just some of the winners’ stories we’ve shared over the last school year.


    Licton Springs

    Alki Elementary

    Catharine Blaine

    View Ridge

    Hazel Wolf