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    Communications Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I change/remove my email or number from the SchoolMessenger call/email list?

    Email with your request. Please keep in mind there are a number of types of messages sent via email and/or phone. Some are notifications of student records and some are notifications in the case of an emergency. 

    How do I get news about my school out to the community?

    Communications offers many channels to share your story. The bi-weekly School Beat e-newsletter goes to all families and staff, as well as those community members who have signed up to receive the news.We also share news on our website, social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as working directly with media outlets to generate news stories around the good work going on in our schools. Email your news to

    I want to take pictures of students or film them in school to share. Is that OK?

    FERPA laws require a parent or guardian’s permission (or a student’s permission if the student is over 18) before you can take a photo or videotape the student on school property. Please contact the SPS Communications department at or 206-252-0200 for information.

    How do I distribute information about my company/service/organization to all Seattle Public Schoolsfamilies?

    The district has strict request to distribute rules as a result of a school board policy. Materials intended for placement within a school or distribution to students and/or staff, in any format (electronic or paper), must:

    • Be submitted by a registered non-profit organization or community group (first time distributors must provide 501(c)(3))
    • Conduct business within the boundaries of Seattle Public Schools
    • Not be political or religious in nature
    • Not proselytize
    • Not advertise, sell or promote a product
    • Comply with district policies and state/government laws and regulations
    • Support district goals, e.g.:
      Benefit the goal of increased academic achievement for our students
      Enhance educational programs of the district
      Encourage youth character building activities and interests
      Provide staff development opportunities for teachers

    If your organization meets these criteria, you may submit a request. Email me us at

    When is the first day of school, breaks and the last day of school NEXT school year?

    As the first day of school, last day of school, and all breaks are a part of bargaining agreements with the teachers union, we will post information on the next school year as soon as bargaining agreements are struck. If these dates are not listed on the calendar page of the district’s website, the information is not yet available.

    I want to invite the media or tell them about an event, issue, program, etc. at a school.

    Media Relations Specialist (interim) Luke Duecy manages media relations. He should be consulted before inviting media to your school. You can reach Luke at 206-252-0104 or