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    The SPS strategic plan outlines the goal of all students prepared for college, career and life. Our goal is college for all students, because we believe that education beyond high school is essential for success in the 21st century. We define college as any degree or certificate granting post-secondary institution or apprenticeship program.

    High School Graduation

    School Board Policy C15.00 sets forth Seattle Public School's minimum graduation requirements. Graduation requirements vary slightly depending on the graduation year of the student and the school that they attend. To see the complete details for each graduation year, visit the Graduation Requirement Bulletins.

    Simply meeting the high school graduation requirements does not make you eligible to apply for college. Students may need to take additional courses while in high school to successfully prepare for their college transition. Download the College Entrance Requirements grid to learn what is required for each type of college pathway.

    Assessment Appeal Waiver Availability

    For the classes of 2014-2017, requests for an Assessment Appeal Waiver may be submitted immediately using the Expedited Assessment Appeal Waiver Form.  For students in the class of 2018, requests may be submitted starting at the end of January 2018.

    College Readiness

    There are many steps students should take to be prepared for college. No matter where a student is in the college admission process, the information below will help them prepare in terms of academic preparation, admissions process, and personal and family finances.

    For a step by step guide for college preparation, download each College Checklist below. Use these as a guide and continue to communicate with family members, counselors, teachers, and individuals in the community for additional support.

    Additional Resources:

    Career Readiness

    Career preparation is a combination of course work, to gain knowledge in a particular career interest area, and employability and self-management skills such as the use of technology, teamwork, and responsibility.

    Learn more about Career and Technical Education within Seattle Public Schools.

    • Internships and Work-Based Learning
    • City Campus

    If you would like to take a survey about your career interests ask your middle or high school counselor or College and Career Center Specialist for your WOIS login and password.

    You might want to also visit Washington Career Bridge to explore career opportunities in our state.

    If you are looking for work experience while in high school and/or immediately after graduation you may want to review the following resources.

    If you are would like additional information on apprenticeships then you may want to visit the following site.

    Additional Resources:

    Contact Us

    Phone: 206-252-0730

    Caleb  Perkins
    Director of College and Career Readiness

    Debra Knickerbocker
    Lead Data Reporting Analyst

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    Emily Harrison
    Secondary Revisioning Project Coordinator    


    Resources for Elementary School Students

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    For further information please refer to your school