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    6th and 9th Grade Math Placement FAQ

    What do I do to enroll my child in a math course?

    Contact the receiving middle or high school and follow the registration guidelines.

    What does it mean if my child is recommended for "Algebra I with support" or Math 6 with support"?

    This means that the student's test data or grade in his/her current math course indicate that additional support will help him/her succeed in Algebra 1 as a ninth grader, or in 6th Grade Math. A student recommended for support will be placed with his/her peers in a regular Algebra 1 course (9th grade) or regular 6th Grade Math course, but will be encouraged to access additional support resources.

    What does "support" look like?

    In some schools, depending on resources, the student may take an additional math course that will provide pre-teaching and re-teaching to support student success in the core Algebra 1 or 6th Grade Math class.

    In other schools, support may be available after school through tutoring programs, or teachers may use instructional strategies to provide additional support during class time.

    Parents/guardians can also provide support; please see Family Resources sections of our Mathematics pages for middle and high school.

    My child is recommended for 7th Grade Math. Is that the same as Grade 6 Honors, or Math 6H?

    It is the same content. Some schools have separate honors courses for 6th grade students doing 7th grade math, while others place the students in class with other students (7th graders) doing 7th grade math. Your middle school will be able to clarify this for you.

    Do teachers have a say in the recommendation?

    8th and 5th grade teachers are asked to provide feedback on the recommendation of next course in sequence for each student.

    Math Pathway FAQ

    What if I think my child should take a more accelerated math course and pathway?

    Please see the Math Pathway Placement Contract for 6th or 9th Grade for more information.

    The Math Pathway chart does not include an "APP" pathway. Does that still exist?

    There are some students who have already completed Geometry as 8th graders. Those students, assuming they are succeeding in their current math course, will be recommended for Algebra 2 as 9th graders. This pathway would lead to students PreCalculus in 10th grade, AP Calculus AB in 11th grade, and AP Calculus BC in 12th grade, or IB Mathematics at Ingraham and Chief Sealth High Schools.

    Are these pathways available to all students?

    Aligning our curriculum includes ensuring that students attending any school in our system have access to mathematics and other academic courses that prepare them for college and future careers. In the past, students were placed in a variety of different math courses. This pathway defines what the core mathematics courses are, and ensures that every student has access to those courses.

    Is Running Start an option?

    Running Start is definitely still an option for mathematics. You and your student will want to contact his/her high school counselor the year before the student plans to enroll in any Running Start courses.