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    How to Register for Preschool, Kindergarten or First Grade


    • Please visit our preschool page to learn about various services.
    • NoteThose seeking to gain admission to South Shore Preschool must enroll through the City of Seattle for the 2018-2019 school year. Visit the City of Seattle Preschool Program webpage for more information about enrollment dates and deadlines!


    • To enter kindergarten in the 2018-19 school year, your child must be five years old on or before August 31.

    1st Grade

    • For Grade 1, your child must be six years old on or before August 31.
    • You will need to show a birth certificate for your child (or a similar document, such as a passport, that shows birthdate).

    You will need to show a birth certificate for your child (or a similar document, such as a passport, that shows birthdate).

    How to Register

    1. Complete the forms below.
    2. Gather and copy other required documents.
    3. Submit all materials online, by email, in person, mail or by fax:

      In person
      : Service Center address and hours in the right column
      : 206-252-0761
      U.S. Mail:
      SPS Service Center
      MS 11-174
      PO Box 34165
      Seattle, WA 98124-1165

    Registration Forms and other items needed

    Click on the form name to begin. Please read the instructions for each item. The Service Center will be happy to help or answer questions. Other forms you might want to fill out are at the bottom of the page.

    Admission form (Starting Monday, August 6)

    To begin registration, parents/guardians must create an InfoSnap account using their email address. Click here to access the registration link:

    Admission/Registration form

    Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese

    Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form

    • The State of Washington requires that you use the official form
    • You must sign the form (student's parent/guardian)

    Special Education form

    • This form is for students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
    • Information about Special Education

    You will also need:

    Photo identification (for the parent or guardian registering the student). Please include a photocopy when submitting the application packet, not the original.

    Two address verification documents

    • Must contain the parent/guardian's name
    • Must be dated in the past 8 weeks
    • Examples include copies of: current telephone, utility or cable bills; mortgage information; insurance documents; or documents from public agencies such as courts or DSHS. Lease or rental agreements can be used if you include the first page and the signature page.
    • Copies of envelopes are not acceptable for address verification

    Birth Certificate or similar document such as passport

    • The document must show the student's birth date

    Attendance Area Schools

    kindergartner practices writing numbersYou can see the current attendance area for your address using the Address Lookup Tool.

    Other School Choices

    After your child is registered for school, you may apply for School Choice during the Open Enrollment period. This is your opportunity to apply to have your student attend a different attendance area school, an option school, or programs such as Montessori, Spectrum,and Highly Capable (formerly APP). Open Enrollment is typically near the end of February.

    You can find out about other schools by looking at each school in the School Directory.

    Other Helpful Forms

    These forms are not required for registration, but you may want to fill them out and turn them in.