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    Advanced Learning (AL) and

    Highly Capable (HC) Services/Opportunities

    The district identifies and provides instructional services for students identified as Highly Capable who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with their peers.

    HCC provides significantly accelerated curriculum in reading, math, science and social studies based on student need. Services include student progression through pathways to specific school sites with adequate cohorts of Highly Capable students. This model provides students peer learning and social/emotional opportunities, teachers with suitable experience and/or professional development on the academic and social/emotional needs, appropriate curriculum, appropriately differentiated instruction, deeper learning opportunities and accelerated pacing.

    Once students begin HCC services, a continuum of services shall be provided to the student, from grades K-12. A self-contained cohort option is available in grades 1-8. Highly Capable students who choose not to participate at a designated Highly Capable site will be served through Advanced Learning programs.

    • Grades served: K-12
    • Eligibility testing: Required
    • Portfolio required for high school students

    Read more about HCC assignment and pathways.

    Read more about Highly Capable eligibility criteria.

    Advanced Learners/Spectrum

    Students who demonstrate high academic achievement, but who do not meet the definition of Highly Capable are identified as Advanced Learners.

    Advanced Learning instructional programs for elementary and middle school students provides flexible learning opportunities to enhance, enrich and/or accelerate curriculum in reading or mathematics.

    • Grades served: 1-8
    • Eligibility testing: Required

    Read more about Advanced Learner eligibility criteria.

    Exiting Services or Programs

    Students may be exited from Highly Capable Services if the services are no longer appropriate. A meeting of the parent/guardian, teacher, administrator, a representative from the Advanced Learning Office, and the student (at parent/ guardian discretion) shall precede such a service delivery change.

    Information for Incoming Kindergarten or High School Students

    Early Entrance to Kindergarten

    Early Entrance to Kindergarten (EEK) Applications Available April 1 - April 22, 2019. EEK is not related to Advanced Learning eligibility.

    According to Washington state school attendance rules, a child must be five years old by August 31 to attend kindergarten. Seattle Public Schools offers the opportunity for parents of students who show significantly advanced levels of social and cognitive readiness to apply for an exception to this rule. Students whose fifth birthday occurs between September 1 and October 31 may apply to be evaluated for a one-month trial in kindergarten.

    • Applications are available April 1-22, 2019
    • Birth date verification required (copy of birth certificate or passport)
    • There is a testing fee of $130 (may be waived for low-income families)
    • Testing and readiness evaluations occur in May
    • Results are posted in June
    • Approved students may register in June to attend kindergarten in September 2019

    This page describes state expectations for kindergarten readiness and has links to WAKids information: Particularly look at the link in the middle of the page:  “They use an observational tool called GOLD™ by Teaching Strategies”

    Advanced Learning for High School Students

    Highly Capable Services in High School

    Eighth grade students designated as Highly Capable who are enrolled in the HC Cohort  at Hamilton, Washington, Madison, Robert Eagle Staff or Jane Addams middle schools were formerly automatically assigned to Garfield High School. Beginning in school year 2019-20, Highly Capable eighth grade students may enroll in Garfield HS, Lincoln HS, or West Seattle HS depending on home address. Ingraham HS will remain an Option site for HC-eligible eighth graders throughout the district. HC-eligible students may instead choose to enroll in their attendance are high school. Assignment to the Accelerated International Baccalaureate (IBX) program at Ingraham is based on space availability. Parents should submit Choice Forms during the Open Enrollment period in early February. Read more about how to enroll your student.

    Advanced Placement Courses (AP)

    • Grades served: High school
    • Eligibility testing: Not required

    Rigorous high school curriculum administered by the College Board that can lead to college credit. Classes are available to all interested students, and do not require HC eligibility.

    Advanced Placement courses are offered at all comprehensive high schools except Chief Sealth and Rainier Beach, which offer the International Baccalaureate program. AP course offerings vary by site. See individual high school course catalogs.

    International Baccalaureate Program
    • Grades served: High school
    • Eligibility testing: Not required, open to all students

    Rigorous high school curriculum based on an internationally developed and reviewed curricular program that can lead to college credit.

    International Baccalaureate Curriculum Sites: Offered at Ingraham, Chief Sealth and Rainier Beach high schools.  

    Accelerated International Baccalaureate Program (IBX)

    • Grades served: High school
    • Eligibility testing: Required for eighth graders not already designated as Highly Capable. IBX preparation begins in ninth grade. Only eighth grade students may apply for the following fall.   

    An accelerated IB program (which is an option only) that leads to the completion of the IB Diploma in grade 11 allowing seniors to explore their academic interests by participating in internships, college classes, and further electives.

    Accelerated International Baccalaureate Program Curriculum Site: Offered at Ingraham High School on a space-available basis.

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