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    High School Summer Learning Opportunities 2020

    Credit Retrieval for High School Students

    Students currently in grades 9 - 12 who need credit for language arts, math or social studies classes they did not previously pass; preference given to grades 11 and 12. Students may enroll in up to two classes and earn up to one credit toward graduation.

    When: July 6 - August 7, 2020

    Where: Online, the SPS/Levy High School Credit Recovery Program will be virtual for Summer 2020.

    Once the forms are submitted we will register the students into the Apex Learning system and students can begin their classes on July 6.

    What Courses: View the Credit Retrieval course description documentPDF icon

    • Students will have the opportunity to recover up to 1.0 credits (two .5 credits) this summer from the courses found on the course description document.
    • To ensure that students are placed in the correct class, they must register through their counselor.

    Who: Any SPS high school student that needs to recover credit or who has received an 'incomplete' during to the COVID school building closure can take courses this summer.

    Cost: Free 

    Schedule: Will be determined by the number of courses taken and the course content. Apex Learning is a self-paced learning platform where students complete learning modules for course mastery.

    Students will be assigned an SPS teacher who will provide live instruction and 1:1 conferring sessions over the course of the summer. Student grades will be uploaded to their historical grades before the start of the 2020-21 school year.

    How to register: Contact your high school counselor.


    Summer Bridge Programs for Students Entering High School

    Summer Bridge Program for New 9th Grade Students

    This bridge course for students entering 9th grade next year will focus on developing the skills and mindset necessary for this transition. Students will develop organizational, time management, and self-care skills to successfully navigate high school.

    When: July 6 - Five lessons will be loaded into registered student's Schoology account

    Where: This program will operate in a virtual manner. Hours and days will vary by individual needs of students and their families.

    Who: All students entering 9th grade are welcome to apply!

    Cost: Free

    Communication during the summer program: Email will be the primary mode of communication. Student email address is required for registration for the middle school and high school summer programs.

    On May 26, Seattle Public Schools launched email accounts for all students. When you register your student for summer learning programs, you are welcome to use the new student email. Student email address will be their SPS Student Username — what students use to login to Schoology, Clever, etc. (ex: Read more about student email and meeting tools.

    How to register: Registration is open May 26 - June 12.

    Register for Summer Bridge for Students Entering 9th Grade.


    High School Extended Learning

    For students currently in grades 9 - 12 who do not need credit to retake a class for credit and want to gain skills and practice for next school year. These courses will not earn credit toward graduation, but will help prepare students for next year's grade level courses. High school students who need credit for language arts, math or social studies classes should talk to their school counselor about credit retrieval.

    This summer learning opportunity is primarily geared for grades 9 - 11 but seniors are welcome to join too.

    When: July 6 - August 7, 2020

    Where: Curriculum and self-directed online learning activities will be designed by SPS teachers. 

    Who: Current students in high school. All students are welcome to apply!

    Cost: Free

    How to register: Registration will open June 3.