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    State superintendent advises Franklin students on financial literacy
    Posted on 10/20/2015
    Dorn speaks with student about budget

    State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn sympathized with the Franklin High School student who was pondering a mock household budget.

    “Transportation and housing will get you every time,” said Dorn, a strong proponent of financial literacy. He visited BECU’s Financial Reality Fair at Franklin on Tuesday, Oct. 20. 

    At the fair, students were given a mock profession and income, then asked to choose budget items such as cars, homes, clothing, etc. Dozens of BECU volunteers, acting as financial advisers, helped them analyze their choices, with support from SPS Career and Technical Education teachers.

    Franklin was among 21 high schools statewide, including Chief Sealth High School in Seattle Public Schools, participating in BECU’s Financial Reality Fairs on Tuesday. Franklin and Sealth (along with Ballard) each offer an Academy of Finance sponsored by the National Academy Foundation.
    Dorn’s office supports a Financial Education Public-Private Partnership that promotes financial education K-12 through curriculum, professional development and other resources. 

    “I told the kids, my mom and dad, they didn’t have a lot of money, so financial decisions weren’t that difficult, although they had enough money to purchase cars and a home,” Dorn said. “And the decisions you make on how to finance them are going to be huge.”