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    Resources for Private School Title I Tutors

    Calendar Items, Due Dates and Reminders

    Please be sure that Seattle Public Schools has a copy of a parent permission form and a parent-student-tutor compact for each student you are serving. Forms can be emailed, faxed or sent via U.S. mail to Marlene Meyers.

    Parental involvement is a required activity under Title I. The meeting can be held anytime during the school year.

    The required documents that need to be sent to the Title I/Private Schools office (Marlene Meyers) are:

    1. the invitation sent to parents
    2. a meeting agenda
    3. a parent sign-in sheet

    Additionally your contract includes an allocation for purchasing food or materials for the meeting. This amount is listed on the first page of your contract under "other reimbursable expenses." In order to be reimbursed for parent meeting expenses, you should include the parent meeting hours on your invoice and send it to the Title I/Private Schools office along with an original, itemized receipt.

    Invoicing Process

    • Invoices should be turned in monthly.
    • Please submit the signed services detail form and the invoice form to Marlene Meyers via email, fax or U.S. mail:

    Email or Fax
    fax: 206-252-0016

    U.S. mail
    Seattle Public Schools
    Marlene Meyers
    Mailstop 33-182
    PO Box 34165
    Seattle WA 98124-1165

    Useful Teaching Web-links

    Multiple curricular areas:

    Reading only:

    Comprehension Strategies List

    Math only: