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    April Community Meetings for School Levies
    Posted on 06/05/2018

    April 2018 Community Meetings

    In April, five regional community meetings were held to share the planning process for the Operations Levy and the Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy. District staff members shared information about the district's budget and funding and the BEX V planning process.

    April Community Meetings Presentation

    Handout: Funding Our Schools

    What We Heard

    This summary of the questions, input and feedback from the community meetings and community email messages was shared with the School Board as part of the May 30, 2018 Board Work Session. Board members also received the transcribed comments and questions from the meetings and emails received.

    Southeast: Monday, April 2 meeting at Aki Kurose – attendance 21

    • Rainier Beach High School should be a priority;
    • Equity needs to be a major part of decisions;
    • Need to invest in SE schools to address achievement gap; students leave because of poor state of schools, contributing to capacity issues at other schools —improve schools to bring students.
    • Consider boundary changes to balance middle school and high school enrollment.

    Southwest: Tuesday, April 3 meeting at Madison – attendance 23

    • Sanislo Elementary needs to be renovated, replaced or merged/co-located with STEM;
    • Questions and concerns about possible Alki Elementary project—height, parks participation, parking, size of school, playground.
    • Director Mack attended and made a pledge to utilize the equity lens when considering capital projects to be included in the BEX V levy.

    Central: Monday, April 23 meeting at T.T. Minor – attendance 17

    • Montlake condition — including ADA compliance/accessibility, gym condition, lunchroom, whether limits on buildable space will impact chance of being included on the final, approved BEX V Projects List and what “educational adequacy” means.
    • McGilvra — what additional needs and how would it fit in.

    Northeast: Tuesday, April 24 meeting at Jane Addams – attendance 91

    • Impassioned plea to pass both of our levies and cited concern about impacts of the city's Families and Education Levy (FEL) might have on the SPS ones;
    • Questions on how decisions made, what happens if doesn’t pass, why/how landmark process.
    • Equity component was emphasized by representatives from Northgate, Rogers and Sacajawea.
    • Northgate Elementary needs to be replaced (many details provided); community sees no reason that Northgate should qualify for a Landmark designation by the city: if this occurred, Northgate could not be replaced—only renovation/modernization of the existing building allowed.
    • John Rogers needs to be replaced (with lots of details provided); Sacajawea ES has many needs as well: strong case made by Principal Friesen at the microphone and families in attendance.
    • Jane Addams MS has a master plan for site work and landscaping, which was not part of the modernization, that they would like funded (estimate: $6M)
    • Lincoln needs to be finished; you need to add Lincoln seismic to BEX V

    Northwest: Thursday, April 26 meeting at Monroe/Salmon Bay – attendance 26

    • Board Chair, Friends of Athletic Fields: athletic fields need to be included, reminder of Joint Athletics Facilities program and that much has been done but there are still projects that have never been funded, appreciates district is adding lights to make fields usable later in day.
    • Portables: questions as to how decisions are made to replace long-term portables with constructed buildings and how many portables are in use; some instances that portables can be used well.
    • Schools Committee for the Uptown Alliance spoke in favor of a downtown high school at Seattle Center and said the Uptown Alliance endorses construction.
    • Seattle Committee to Save Schools mentioned that a previous superintendent didn’t believe class size made much difference.
    • Equity was discussed regarding how it fits into the criteria and that the Board priorities will include equity.