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    Student Experiences: Heading into Middle School
    Posted on 04/09/2015

    About a year ago, Loyal Heights Elementary parent and filmmaker Terence Brown set up his camera and sat down with a group of students who were just finishing fifth grade. He wanted to capture their thoughts about how it feels to be 11, not really a kid but not quite a teenager.

    Brown had, in a way, watched these kids grow up with his son, Jack, who is in the video. “I felt I had a really unique opportunity to capture these kids right at that moment between childhood and adolescence,” he said.

    The resulting film is called “Before” and is the cornerstone of The Before Project.

    "Before" was supported by a Kickstarter campaign and will likely grow, although, like the kids featured in the video, Brown isn’t completely sure what the larger project will become.

    The Seattle Public Schools students in this video talk about what makes them happy and what scares them. They talk about sex, puberty, bullying and tragedies in the news. They have a lot to say, and they are well worth a listen.