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    Summer School Programs for Seattle Public Schools Students 

    Thank you to our families and students for participating in the first remote SPS Summer of Learning. The 2020 Summer of Learning program gave all SPS students the opportunity for additional learning throughout the summer and helped us prepare for a more robust digital learning experience for your family. Your voice is important to help identify what is working and what needs to be improved.

    Please complete the survey below so that we can best support your student and family through remote learning, you will also receive this survey to your email on file. We will share the results of the survey and incorporate your feedback into the planning for Fall 2020.

    Summer of Learning Survey:

    Thank you for helping us improve and refine our remote learning practices for our students and families.


    Continuation of Learning

    Additional Learning Suggestions to Keep Students Learning

    All lessons and materials can be found in the calendar below.

    If you are using a Chromebook and cannot access the lesson recordings on Youtube, please keep in mind that Google accounts where the age is set to under 13 will be blocked from YouTube. Read our Chromebook flyer for additional set up tips. Chromebook Getting Started Flyer pdf icon You can also send our tech team a support request.

    Lessons are designed to meet the needs of the grade your student was in during the 2019-20 school year. 

    To better prepare for the lesson, view the materials before watching the recording.

    Kindergarten - 5th Grade Weekly Schedule:

    • Monday: SEL (social emotional learning)
    • Tuesday and Wednesday: Reading and writing
    • Thursday and Friday: Math

    6th - 8th Grade Weekly Schedule:

    • Some days have math and language arts, some only have one subject.

    Bridge Programs (5th to 6th grade and 8th to 9th grade):

    Bridge programs have a weekly theme with one lesson focused on the theme.

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    Elementary Students

    Students Entering Kindergarten

    Jump Start is a transition program for new kindergarten students. Read more about Jump Start.

    Students in Current Grades K-5

    Summer of Learning is a high quality virtual program for students currently in kindergarten through 5th grade. Read more about Summer Learning for elementary students.

    Middle School Students

    Students Entering 6th Grade

    Summer Bridge Program for students moving from 5th grade to 6th grade prepares students entering middle school next year that will focus on developing the skills and mindset necessary for this transition. Read more about Summer Bridge Program for students entering 6th grade.

    Students in Current Grades 6th - 8th 

    Middle School Summer Program will provide students access and opportunity to complete 20 lessons this summer that will be uploaded to their Schoology page. Click here for more information on the Middle School Summer Program.

    High School Students

    Students Entering 9th Grade

    Summer Bridge Program prepares students entering high school next year that will focus on developing the skills and mindset necessary for this transition. Read more about Summer Bridge Program for students entering 9th grade.

    Credit Recovery for High School Students

    Students currently in grades 9 - 12 who need credit for language arts, math or social studies classes they did not previously pass; preference given to grades 11 and 12. Students may enroll in up to two classes and earn up to one credit toward graduation. Read more about Credit Retrieval for High School Students.

    Students in Current Grades 9th - 12th

    For students currently in grades 9 - 12 who do not need credit to retake a class for credit and want to gain skills and practice for next school year. These courses will not earn credit toward graduation, but will help prepare students for next year's grade-level courses. Read more about High School Extended Learning.

    Skills Center

    The Seattle Skills Center is a free program to provide hands-on classes in real-world career fields. Read more about Skills Center.

    World Languages

    This summer, the International Education department will provide world language offerings for students to earn world language 1A and/or 1B credit for credit recovery. Students can earn a .5 world language credit up to 1.0 credit. Learn more about World Language courses.