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    Outdoor and Community Education Task Force

    Goals, Vision, and Purpose

    The purpose of the task force: The Seattle School Board is forming this task force as indicated in the board's Reopening Plan for 2020-21pdf icon to develop and make recommendations regarding educational opportunities in Seattle Public Schools beyond the walls of our school buildings.

    In the short-term, this task force will review existing and developing educator-led outdoor learning pilots, learn from successes and challenges, and support additional participation in pilot projects across the district during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Longer-term, the task force will make recommendations to support outdoor and community-based learning opportunities as a standard feature of education in Seattle Public Schools, available to every student at every school, centered in the Seattle Public Schools Strategic Plan: Seattle Excellence, and specifically focused on the interests of students of color furthest from educational justice.

    Goals of the task force: Successful implementation of an outdoor education program will require broad stakeholder engagement to ensure that recommendations support equitable access and relevance for students and strengthen family and community engagement in our educational structures.

    Outdoor and Community Education Task Force work scope will include:

    1. Participating in orientation, including implicit bias training.
    2. Ongoing compiling and reviewing data and reports from outdoor education pilots in SPS and educational and community-based partnerships for relevant content and information.
    3. Analysis and interpretation of studies and data relating to outdoor learning in districts across the country.
    4. Identifying and hosting listening sessions with representative stakeholder groups, including students, educators, families, community-based organizations, and outdoor education professionals.
    5. Identifying key partnerships with local experts, organizations, and suppliers of equipment/gear.
    6. Developing suggested curricular requirements, identifying existing curriculum, consulting with state and local officials on academic requirements and ways to adapt to meet the requirements through outdoor and community-based learning.
    7. Organizing information obtained from stakeholders and conducting a qualitative analysis that represents the interests of the Seattle Public Schools community at large.
    8. Identifying areas of implicit bias that should be mitigated and/or eliminated from within the outdoor pilot effort, including, but not limited to: systemic racism, structural racism, resource distribution, access to opportunity, and privilege (white, economic).
    9. Preparing a final report and recommendations that includes qualitative analysis and other supporting data elements related to the outdoor pilots, and model programs for elementary, middle, and high schools which are fully accessible for students with disabilities and lead with affirming student identity and place.

    Community Schools and Outdoor Education Task Force Membership and Selection

    The task force will be comprised of 18 members. Membership will be posted on this webpage.

    The task force will be comprised of interested parties and stakeholders including educators, leaders of community-based organizations, outdoor education professionals, parents/guardians of SPS students, and one representative from the School Board.

    Applicants should have experience and/or expertise with any of the following: community partnerships, curriculum development, outdoor education, family engagement, collaborative work, or whole child health. Membership will have geographic, racial, and gender diversity reflective of the student population of Seattle Public Schools.

    Members will be selected and appointed in accordance with School Board Policy 4110: Family & Community Advisory and Oversight Committees, and Procedure 4110SP. The district shall provide public notice to individuals and organizations that may reasonably be interested in serving on the task force.

    A standardized application will be posted on the district website with specific application due date and appointee notification date. Nominations will be reviewed by a panel consisting of the three co-authors of the School Board Substitute Resolution 2020/21-4, two staff members designated by the Chief Academic Officer, plus two community members jointly agreed to by the School Board and staff designees. The review panel will work in accordance with a specific rubric to recommend appointees and alternates for the task force. The review panel will appoint members that are representative of Seattle Public Schools’ and the city of Seattle's diversity, to ensure there is a balance of perspectives and backgrounds. Financial and other potential conflicts of interests of potential members will be considered when selecting members.

    Apply Now

    Please complete the following application form and submit the form by December 16, 2020. Applicants will be notified by email or by phone. The first meeting of the task force will be in January 2021 (specific date to be determined) and held online via Microsoft Teams.

    Subsequent meeting dates and times will be decided by the task force.

    Apply here: Outdoor and Community Education Application Form

    Expected Schedule and Timeline

    The task force will convene in January 2021 and conclude work by June 2021. Meeting dates and times will be determined in collaboration with the selected members and district staff. Task force members shall prepare for meetings by reviewing provided materials in advance of scheduled meetings, and attend and participate in scheduled meetings. Missing three consecutive meetings will result in an automatic opt-out of committee participation.

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    Guiding Documents

    Reopening Plan for 2020-21pdf icon


    Seattle Public Schools Strategic Plan: Seattle Excellence

    Task Force Meetings

    The task force will convene in January 2021 and conclude work by June 2021.

    Meeting dates and times will be determined in collaboration with the selected members and district staff.