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    What We Do

    Capacity Planning and Management is part of the Capital Projects and Planning Department. Capacity management requires working to balance the number of students at each school with the space available.

    There are two major pressures on capacity available in our school buildings:

    • Increased enrollment growth.
    • State funding of class size reduction in grades K-3.

    Our team:

    • Monitors changes in enrollment, demographics and program demand, including capital development and program placement.
    • Facilitates interdepartmental discussion if such changes occur.
    • Make recommendations for possible actions to ensure that school building and regional capacity match with enrollment, demographic and program changes.

    Capacity Management Task Force

    In response to the current and projected increased enrollment of Seattle Public Schools a task force has been formed to examine and prepare a set of recommendations to the superintendent for the purpose of being prepared for continued demands for future classroom space in our buildings at all levels. For more information, please check out Capacity Management Task Force website.

    Adding Capacity

    By calculating building capacity and working with the Enrollment Planning department, we have developed various methods to address the increasing number of students enrolled in the district, including capital levy-funded construction to build new schools, replace or expand existing schools, and open previously closed schools.

    Revising School Boundaries

    Growth Boundaries Projects use building capacity data, enrollment projections and other information to revise school boundaries and balance enrollment. Changes to elementary and middle school boundaries are implemented over time.

    Capacity Management Resources

    School Capacity