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    Formula for Success Improves Student Outcomes

    Every Student. Every Classroom. Every Day.

    Our Commitment: Racial Equity and Student Success

    Seattle Public Schools has a commitment to eliminate opportunity gaps and prepare our students for future success.

    The school district is making steady strides, but acknowledges that there is much more to be done. We have identified three components that need to work in alignment to support every student in our district. These three core components make up our Formula for Success.

    The Formula for Success is used districtwide across all classrooms – it is what guides teaching practice and affects how we interact with our students, and helps us maximize our efforts.

    Elements of the Formula

    What are the three components that make up the Formula for Success and how is it embedded into our work?

    1. Effective Teaching – We aim to hire and cultivate great educators who are passionate about their work. Through excellent and transformative teaching, we want our teachers to inspire and empower our students.

    When a teacher joins our district, we have created a systematic approach to their orientation, onboarding, and growth in their novice years. Our Professional Growth and Educator Support Program, supports new to the profession teachers through foundational coursework, mentoring, evaluation, and coaching. For aspiring school leaders, the district provides opportunities for leadership development, so they can develop strong instructional expertise and gain experience in championing racial equity.

    To reflect the diversity of our student population, the district has made efforts to recruit more teachers of color. Over the last two years, the district increased diverse teacher hires by 4 percent, going from 17 percent to 21 percent in the last two years. Studies have shown that students of color are more likely to succeed when they have access to teachers of color as role models (Rich, 2015).

    2. Strong Systems of Academic and Social Support – We understand that a “one size fits all model” will not work. Our vision is for every student to succeed in the classroom. To support their academic success, we apply the MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) framework in our schools. This framework is centered on the whole child – their story, their strength and their need. Our goal is to identify targeted strategies to meet each student’s academic and social needs.

    To ensure each of our 104 schools provide consistent, high quality educational services to students, we implement coherent subsystems of support. The district provides schools with the necessary guidance, materials and tools that fit the context of each school. Through centralized channels of support, schools and staff can center their attention on serving the needs of our students and families.

    3. Commitment to Racial Equity – Seattle Public Schools is committed to racial and educational equity; we are strengthening our schools, examining biases and partnering with families and the community to increase opportunities and outcomes. We work closely with families and community partners to ensure that each student has what they need to reach their full potential.

    We strive to academically empower and support students who have been historically underserved by educational institutions. We are doing so by upholding positive beliefs about students, building positive adult-student relationships centered on academic success and resiliency, as well as, partnering with families and the community to eliminate opportunity gaps. It is critical for students to know that an adult in their school believes in their potential and knows their story.

    The Formula for Success Helps Us Build an Institution Designed for Student Success

    We aim to improve student outcomes in the following areas:

    • Increase in Pre-K enrollment
    • Increase in ELA and Math proficiency
    • Higher rates of four-year graduation
    • Increase in post-secondary enrollment

    The Formula for Success binds our work together and focuses the entire district on positive student outcomes. As we embed these components into our daily work, we will continue to build upon the district’s positive momentum and in partnership with students, families and staff ensuring the success of every student at Seattle Public Schools.

    Our commitment is success for each and every one of our students.