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    In the Capital Projects and Planning department, we strive to build a healthy, safe and secure physical environment for learning.  We do this by creating effective learning spaces and improving the function of each school. Department staff members ensure that we provide construction services effectively and efficiently.


    Our Department goals align with the Seattle Public Schools mission "Every Student. Every Classroom. Every Day." particularly “Creating an infrastructure that works well." These primary goals include:

    • Strengthen and streamline capital project management
    • Wisely manage the use of building capacity
    • Enhance cost-effective use of capital resources

    Current Initiatives

    We are always partnering with other departments to meet District goals. Some of our larger initiatives, which are directly related to our primary goals, include:

    • Buildings, Technology, and Academics/Athletics IV Program, a six-year, $475.3 million levy providing funds for renovation, major maintenance, and health and safety improvements; technology classroom equipment and instructional support to enhance student learning; academics projects to meet the educational requirements and needs of students; athletic improvements to upgrade fields
    • Building Excellence IV Program, a six-year, $694.9 million levy that replaces/renovates/builds 16 schools
    • Building Excellence V Capital Levy, a six-year, $1.4 billion levy that modernizes or replaces eight aging schools, invests in technology, and improves building systems and athletic fields


    We are proud to see principals, teachers, and students using newly renovated or constructed buildings and new systems to enrich the learning experience. A few of our most recent accomplishments include:

    Capital Programs Annual Report for Calendar Year 2018 Adobe PDF icon

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