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    General Information for New Employees Seattle Public Schools

    Employees of Seattle Public Schools have a selection of medical plans and are automatically covered by a group dental plan, a vision plan, and life and long term disability insurance. Employees are also protected by the District's Workers' Compensation plan.

    A District contribution is provided for eligible employees to help defray the cost of the plans selected. The District contribution is set at the beginning of each year plan year, and then adjusted once in January, based on enrollment and plan selections.

    Generally, employees must meet the following criteria in order to become eligible for the Dental, Vision, Medical, and Life/Long Term Disability group benefits plans offered by the Seattle Public Schools:

    1. Be working in a regular, budgeted position requiring the equivalent of half-time or more; 
    2. Have sufficient salary each month from which the employee's share of costs, if applicable, may be deducted and be paid to the carrier on a twelve-month basis; and 
    3. Not be covered under another District's benefits program with District contributions through a union contract. 

    For represented employees, eligibility to participate in the group benefits program is based upon the specific eligibility criteria contained in the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.


    The effective date of your benefit coverage is determined by the following:

    1. Employees who become eligible for the District's group benefits program must enroll in a medical plan option within 31 calendar days of their employment date. Employees who wait beyond the first 31 calendar days of employment to enroll in a group medical plan will forfeit coverage until the next established annual open enrollment period. 
    2. If you begin work on or before the 15th of the month and your paperwork is received by Human Resources on or before the 20th day of that month, your coverage will begin on the first of the following month. However, if your work begins after the 15th of the month or your paperwork is received after the 20th day of the month, your coverage will begin on the first of the month following one full calendar month of employment. 


    A comprehensive explanation of benefits will be provided in the New Employee Orientation.

    Additional information is available to current employees through the District's benefits website, found at (password: sps)