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    School Employees Benefits Board Information (SEBB)


    New employees have 30 days from their date of hire to complete enrollment in SEBB.

    The School Employee Enrollment Guide and information on Enrollment is located at the following Washington State Health Care Authority web site:

    You can also obtain premium and plan cost information here:

    Sprague Israel Giles (SIG) has included helpful summaries, resources, and links on “sps”

    New employees can sign up to attend a benefits informational session by clicking here (select new hire benefits info session from the drop down). 

    Set up your Account

    Get Started with SEBB My Account

    Enroll Online

    Enroll online! Eligible employees will enroll online beginning October 1st through SEBB My Account. See the link and instructions under SEBB Enrollment Information. If you need technical assistance with SEBB My Account, including registering with SecureAccess Washington, screen navigation, or uploading documents, please call 1-855-548-3100 between 7am and 9pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

    Need Assistance?

    If you have questions, call the Benefits Helpline at (206) 957-7066 or (800) 946-7066. Benefits specialists are available M-F, 8am to 5pm PST.

    Who is eligible for Coverage?

    All district staff who are anticipated to work 630 hours in a school year will be eligible for full benefits. Benefits will not be pro-rated for part-time employees. Employees who do not waive coverage will be automatically enrolled by the Health Care Authority. See the SEBB Eligibility Fact Sheet for more information.

    Coverage for Your Family Members

    Employees may continue to cover eligible family members (dependents) on their health plans through SEBB. Eligible dependents will include legally married spouses, state-registered domestic partners and eligible children.

    Please note a significant change in eligibility for domestic partners. Currently SPS employees may cover domestic partners on their medical, dental and vision plans by completing and signing an “Affidavit of Marriage or Domestic Partnership.” With the move to SEBB, employees who wish to cover their domestic partner or partner’s children will need either to prove they are in a state-registered domestic partnership or provide proof of marriage. For a bit of history, in 2014, Washington law converted most state-registered domestic partnerships to marriage so there are very few remaining state-registered domestic partnerships in Washington State.

    If an employee is currently covering a domestic partner or a domestic partner’s children, and they lose eligibility under the SEBB rules effective January 1, 2020, a 36-month self-pay option will be offered for both the domestic partner and children.

    See the SEBB Eligibility Fact Sheet for more information.

    Dependent Verification will be Required

    All dependent coverage will require verification of relationship. This means that each employee wishing to cover their spouse, state-registered domestic partner, or children will need to provide proof of their relationship. There are many documents that employees can use as proof, including birth or marriage certificates or tax returns. More information will be made available soon.

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