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    Identifying Students for Advanced Learning

    Eligibility Criteria

    Student's need for advanced learning services is determined through the administration of cognitive screening assessment and/or the CogAT Full Battery (depending on grade level and scores) as well as qualifying achievement scores in math and reading/ELA. Read more about Advanced Learning Eligibility Criteria.

    Identifying Students as Potentially Gifted

    Gifted learners exhibit unique characteristics, traits and verbal and creative abilities. While students will often exhibit some commonalities, it is important to remember every student is unique-one size does not fit all. Read a checklist of characteristics to help identify students as potentially gifted.

    Twice Exceptional Students

    Twice exceptional learners are students who meet criteria for Advanced Learning and are also eligible for Special Education/504 support are considered twice-exceptional learners. Read more about Twice Exceptional Students.

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    Key Dates

    See our calendar webpage for upcoming dates and general referral and testing windows.

    Advanced Learning Updates