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    Nathan Hale High School Opens Gender-Neutral Restroom
    Posted on 05/18/2016
    Gender-neutral restroom placard

    Nathan Hale's First Gender-Neutral Restroom

    Nathan Hale High School unveiled its first gender-neutral bathroom Tuesday thanks to the efforts of one, determined student. Senior Destin Cramer came up with the idea last year after he tired of waiting in line for a single stall bathroom at the nurse's office.

    Tuesday, surrounded by fellow students, staff, and the media, Cramer placed an adhesive placard on the door to the restroom, officially designating it as gender neutral.

    “It’s just really important to me and it’s really important other people are supportive of this," Cramer said. “This is so exciting.”

    The opening comes on the heels of President Obama’s directive on May 13, telling every public school district to allow transgender students to use restrooms that match their gender identity.

    Seattle Public Schools is ahead of that curve with nearly half of the district’s high schools already having gender-neutral restrooms while others are in the works.

    These are multi-stall restrooms with a common hand-washing area that anyone can use. Like all schools restrooms, they are being monitored for safety.

    Here's more information on the district's supports all students, staff, and families, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.