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    School Lunch Monday!
    Posted on 10/09/2017
    Image of staff member working in kitchen

    School Lunch Monday! Special Meals

    As part of the district’s recently launched “School Lunch! Did You Know?” campaign, we are sharing an inside look into our Nutrition Services Department for the next several Mondays. The series is called School Lunch Monday stories.

    This Monday, did you know, the district prepares dozens of meals for students with allergies and special dietary needs every day? We do!

    SPS cares about food allergies and special dietary needs because our number one priority is making sure all kids are safe. We handle all food allergies with the upmost caution, whether a mild allergy or a severe, potentially life-threatening allergy.

    Every day, central kitchen staff follow special, weekly meal plans that are set up by families with the school district. Each meal plan lines the wall of a separated section of the central kitchen. Those meal plans spell out a daily dietary plan. Which includes meals that are safe for a particular student to eat. 

    “We care about food allergies because we want to keep kids safe,” says Lindsey Danner, RD, CD, Registered Dietitian and SPS Nutrition Services Supervisor. “Each individual child is special, and each child gets a meal that is appropriate for them.”

    Every food and ingredient for students who require special meals is handled with caution and care to ensure no cross-contamination. That includes cleaning and sanitizing every piece of equipment and all areas involved with special meal preparation before meals are made, while they are being made and after they are made.

    As a school district, we recognize an important connection between a healthy diet and a student’s ability to learn effectively and achieve high standards in school. Providing access for all students to a hot, nutritious, and delicious lunch is also part of the district’s goal of eliminating opportunity gaps and creating an equitable educational experience for all students.

    For the staff who make our students’ meals, they are dedicated to their craft and nothing makes them happier than knowing every child has access to a healthy meal while in the district’s care.

    Here is more information on the district’s Nutrition Services Department, including information on our Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

    Try One of Our School Meals

    If you have a student who has not tried a school meal in a while or not at all… TRY IT! We are convinced you will love the great food our staff prepares and we have a wide range of choices day to day, including egg & cheese muffins, pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt parfait with homemade granola, and much more for breakfast and burritos, hamburgers, pizza, chicken nuggets, tuna melts, beef and broccoli, soup, BBQ, fresh salads, vegetables, fruit, milk and much more for lunch.   

    Next School Lunch Monday

    Did you know many of our food and ingredients, like dairy, fruits and vegetables are locally and regionally sourced from farms right here in Washington and the Pacific Northwest?