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    Story of Hana's Suitcase Offers Insight into Holocaust for Students
    Posted on 01/28/2016
    Hana's Suitcase book cover

    Holocaust survivor George Brady and teacher Fumiko Ishioka recently shared their story of Hana's suitcase with students from several Seattle schools.

    Hana's suitcase is both the title of the book, Hana's Suitcase, and an actual suitcase that belonged to George Brady's sister, Hana Brady, who died at a young age, inside the concentration camp at Auschwitz. And here's how it all came together.

    In 2000, Ishioka asked the Auschwitz Museum for educational tools to help her teach her students at the Tokyo Holocaust Center. The museum sent her Hana's suitcase. After researching the brown, leather suitcase, Ishioka tracked down Hana's brother, George Brady, who survived Auschwitz.

    Today, George Brady and Ishioka visit with students around the world in order to share the lessons and memories born out of the story of Hana's suitcase.

    You can read more about Hana's story on the Brady family website.