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    Students Inspired by Skydivers
    Posted on 12/16/2015
    Jump for Joy divers in the air over North Beach

    Dozens of students at North Beach Elementary School stood on their playground blacktop Wednesday, heads back, gaping mouths, as seven skydivers, parachutes deployed, floated effortlessly toward them, and landed safely in a grassy field just feet away.

    The skydivers are all members of the non-profit group, Jump For Joy, and travel to schools around the country to inspire and teach young kids to unlock their potential.

    Jump For Joy founder, Neil Amonson, who also skydives professionally for the GoPro Bomb Squad, spoke to North Beach students, teachers and parents after landing.

    Amonson shared his personal struggles in school until he unlocked his own potential through intuition, creativity, and emotional awareness. Students loved watching the skydivers and, at the same time, took away a lot of life lessons.

    Skydivers at North Beach Elementary. from Seattle Public Schools on Vimeo.


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