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    Warehouse Crew Work Long Hours for Students and Schools
    Posted on 09/05/2017
    Image of warehouse staff member sorting packages

    Four New School Buildings, 100 new classrooms, 50 portables, 200 teachers!

    A lot of numbers means a lot of summer work and a lot of questions! How do you receive, process, put together, and deliver desks, computers and computer stands, projectors, carpeting, chalkboards, curriculum materials, and much, much more to 100 classrooms and 50 portables on time and ready for the start of school? In addition, on top of that, how do you package-up materials and supplies for hundreds of teachers and move them to their new classrooms? For one special group of Seattle Public Schools staff, the answer is easy.

    All summer long, the men and women who work in the district’s warehouse unloaded, organized, loaded, and delivered supplies for every school in the district. For the last five weeks, they worked Monday through Saturday and sometimes on Sunday to make sure new curriculum got to schools on time, and new computers and other supplies got to the district’s four newest school buildings. Every step of the way, they stayed focused on the one reason for all their difficult work and that is our students.

    “It does tend to get a little overwhelming at times,” says Gary Dietz, Manager of the district’s distribution services. “I tell the crew… ‘Just take it one piece at a time and work it’. They’re awesome. It’s all about taking care of the kids, that’s what we do.”

    The warehouse crew is one example of incredible work across the district by staff, partners, and communities to provide the best educational experience for students. An important piece of that experience means eliminating opportunity gaps for all students.

    Here is more information on the district’s strategies to eliminate opportunity gaps.

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