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    Waitlists and Student Assignments
    Posted on 08/19/2016

    Waitlists and 2016-17 Student Assignments

    School Choice has ended and waitlists have been dissolved for the 2016-17 school year.

    School Choice began February 17, 2016, ended May 31, 2016, and waitlist moves continued until waitlists were dissolved on August 15, 2016.

    The August 15 waitlist dissolution date was established to provide greater predictability around student assignment and minimize staffing disruption for schools and families prior to the start of school. Enrollment Planning and Admissions will review this dissolution date prior to School Choice for 2017-18 and recommend changes if needed.

    This year, 5,653 students participated in School Choice and 3,046 students were granted a choice assignment. Although more than 50 percent of families who participated in School Choice were granted a seat at a school of their choice, we understand the disappointment that families may feel if they were not granted a seat at a school of their choice.

    As a result of the growth in Seattle Public Schools and the reduction in elementary school class sizes, choice seats are very limited. Attendance area schools must ensure that they have sufficient space to serve the students who live in their neighborhood, and many option schools across the district have more students who apply for admission than there are seats available.

    To see 2016-17 student assignment information, please visit our assignment look up tool on the Admissions webpage.

    If you believe there is an error in your child’s assignment, please see the information on assignment appeals webpage.