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    Advanced Learning Referral Window Now Open
    Posted on 11/20/2020
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    Advanced Learning Referral Window Now Open

    The annual Advanced Learning referral window is now open through December 7, 2020. All currently registered Seattle Public Schools students in Kindergarten through 8th grade can now be referred for consideration, to determine if they are eligible to receive Advanced Learning or Highly Capable services.

    Introduction to Advanced Learning Video

    Intro to Advanced Learning Services from Seattle Public Schools TV Vimeo.


    Students Who Might Benefit from Advanced Learning Services

    The department recognizes that students who may benefit from these Advanced Learning services demonstrate their potential in many ways, and we must identify students using culturally, linguistically, and racially diverse indicators. We also recognize and consider neurodiversity and disability when identifying students for Advanced Learning services.

    Families may identify potential in their students to benefit from Highly Capable or Advanced Learning services if they demonstrate some of the following characteristics (please note that this is not a comprehensive list):

    • Has an expanded vocabulary (in their home or learned language)
    • Has long-term recall of information
    • Has interest in how things work
    • Has the ability to see relationships and make connections
    • Has a wide range of interests
    • Has a tendency to lose awareness of time/intense concentration
    • Becomes easily impatient with drill and routine procedures
    • May tend to dominate peers or situations
    • Has unusual, often highly developed sense of humor
    • May sometimes be anxious to complete tasks
    • Adapts readily to new situations
    • Displays a richness in imagery and informal language

    How to Refer Your Student

    If a family believes their student may be eligible for services, they can submit a referral with or without a teacher recommendation. The referral form can be submitted online using the Source for English-speaking families.

    Visit the Source for English Referral

    If you need help with logging in or accessing the Source, please email

    Translated Referral Forms

    English learner families may use the online form below or reach out to their school for assistance, or to request a translated referral form. Multilingual families can also work with a bilingual staff member to have a referral form filled out on their behalf and submitted to the Advanced Learning department.

    We welcome you to use our translated Parent Referral Forms now available in the following languages:

    Amharic ለላቀ/ከፍ ላለ ትምህርት/አድቫንስድ ለርኒንግ/ መጠቆሚያ ቅጽ

    Chinese 资优学习推荐作评估

    Oromo Qormaataaf Akeeka Barnoota Fooya’aa

    Somali U-diritaanka Qiimaynta Waxbarashada Sare

    Spanish Referencia a la Evaluación de Aprendizaje Avanzado

    Tagalog Pagsangguni sa Pagtantiya sa Abanteng Pag-aaral

    Tigrigna ናይ ዝለዓለ ትምህርቲ/አድቫንስድ ለርኒንግ/መጠቆሚ(መሕተቲ)ቅጥዒ

    Vietnamese Học Tập Nâng Cao Giới thiệu để được Đánh Giá


    After Parent Referral

    Once a student has been referred, follow-up instructions and next steps will be provided by the department. The department accepts referrals, gathers evidence, and offers testing all throughout the fall and winter for eligibility decisions, and families are notified of decisions before open enrollment closes in the spring.

    If a teacher or staff member would like to submit a recommendation that a student they support be referred, they can fill out a skills survey on PowerTeacher or reach out directly to the department.

    If families have questions about the referral process, they can contact Advanced Learning at 206-252-0130 or

    Read more about submitting referral for Seattle Public School students.

    You can read more commonly-asked questions about Advanced Learning on the department website.