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    New College and Career Planning Tool for Students
    Posted on 08/27/2018
    Students in graduation cap and gowns line up for commencement

    Introducing Naviance, a New College and Career Planning Tool for Students

    Each Seattle Public Schools student is on a unique educational journey, and we are committed to ensuring every one of them receives the support that prepares them for college, career and life. We are excited to announce the district’s college and career planning tool, Naviance, will be available starting the 2018-19 school year to support students’ personalized journey through high school.

    Naviance helps students identify their strengths, interests and goals, and link them to potential college and career pathways; providing a deeper knowledge about options for the future.

    Staff are excited that through Naviance, the transcript and recommendation letter request process will now be electronic, freeing up time to provide more individualized in-person attention to students. On average, a high school counselor has a caseload of about 400 students. This tool will allow counselors and families to provide customized support to students in making informed decisions about their future, including students who are on track for college and those seeking jobs right after high school, as well those who are still seeking a pathway for the future. Naviance provides tools for students regardless of where they are in the planning process.

    Naviance Helps Middle School and High School Students Plan and Prepare for High School and Beyond

    “What do you want to do when you grow up?” This is a common question asked of students. Some students know exactly where they want to go and how they will get there. Others may be unsure and could use some support to chart out what’s next.

    Through Naviance, students can access tools to learn about study habits, financial planning, goal setting, and more. The tool also helps educators ensure their students have access to college and career planning.

    Naviance helps students with:

    Self-discovery: Naviance can be used to discover unique strengths and interests. Strengths Explorer in Naviance identifies a student’s top three strengths and includes strategies to apply them towards success in school, career, and life. Career Exploration: Students can use the knowledge of their strengths and interests and discover careers that align. The Career Cluster Finder survey in Naviance compiles a student’s favorite activities, personal qualities, and favorite school subjects and recommends career clusters that the student may find interesting.

    Academic Planning: Students and families can begin planning for high school coursework using Naviance, where they can track whether graduation requirements are met and aligned with identified goals.

    Post-Secondary Preparation: Students and families can begin exploring colleges of interest by viewing school profiles and tracking colleges where they would like to apply. Students can also send electronic transcripts to colleges during the application process. A database of local and national scholarships is also available for students to browse through. One million high school students received scholarships by finding and applying for them using Naviance.

    Parents may choose to opt out their students from using this tool during the opt out window at the beginning of the school year. Parent guardians, non-parent guardians, and students who are 18 years or older may document their decision to use or not use Naviance in the Source during this window.

    Learn more about Naviance including information about how students log into the tool, how students use Naviance, data sharing, and the opt out window for the current school year on the Naviance webpage.

    Read more about Naviance’s commitment to data security and student privacy.