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    North Beach and Northgate Elementary Collaborate for Equitable Access to Library Materials
    Posted on 04/25/2018
    Left to right: Phillipa Dugaw, Kate Eads, Dedy Fauntleroy, Guillermo Carval and Brooke Walker pose with symbolic check.

    North Beach and Northgate Elementary Collaborate for Equitable Access to Library Materials

    On the evening of April 3, Phillipa Dugaw, North Beach PTA president and Brooke Walker, North Beach auction chair, presented a $10,000 check to Northgate Elementary. Principal Dedy Fauntleroy, Family Support Worker, Guillermo Carval, and Librarian Kate Eads were present at the PTA meeting to receive the donation on behalf of Northgate.

    “For a long time, our PTA has talked about partnering with a school in Seattle that doesn’t have the opportunities we do,” said Dugaw. “I’m excited that we finally made it happen, and I hope that we can continue to work with Northgate and help to eliminate the opportunity gap.”

    Northgate librarian Eads is ecstatic about the partnership between the two schools, specifically because the donation lends full autonomy to Northgate, which allows them to use the gift as they so choose. She explains, “Often gifts are tied to specific needs in our school, as directed by the gifter. What is special about this case is that North Beach allowed Northgate to maintain agency in what this is used for - library resources.”

    What does that mean for Northgate? They plan to use the funds to stock award-nominated and award-winning books, update magazine subscriptions and increase access to culturally relevant literate, all which were requests made by their school community.

    Eads says of the value of creating identity-safe spaces, “I will use the lens of multicultural representation as I select books, in my quest to represent every Northgate student with multiple books that they see themselves in.”

    This is not the first time these two communities have joined together in support of students. Last year, North Beach and Northgate elementary came together to support Mary’s Place, a local shelter and resource for families experiencing homelessness.

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    Northgate librarian Eads continues to work with community donors like Amazon Publishing and Barnes & Noble to get books into the hands of students in unstable housing. This year she is working alongside the YouthCare network to request specific books for older students.

    For those who would like to support the library at Northgate Elementary, contact Eads at

    Photo courtesy of Mary Balmaceda.