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    Return to School Buildings Forms and Information
    Posted on 04/08/2021

    Return to In-Person 2021 In-Person Learning Plan

    Calendar 2020-21 school year dates

    Enrollment Appeals Process K-5



    In most cases, these documents will be provided to families by the school. Please use this page as a reference for information, or if a replacement form is needed.

    Family Welcome Letters and Resources

    Start Date March 29

    Students in a preschool program or in the Focus, SEL, Distinct, or Medically Fragile elementary service pathway student's start date for in-person learning was Monday, March 29, 2021.

    Start Date April 5

    Students in K-5 general education or grades 6-12 Distinct, Medically Fragile, Moderate Intensive, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), or Bridges start date for in-person learning was Monday, April 5, 2021.

    Start Date April 19

    Students in middle school and high school grades, except for those enrolled in a Special Education Intensive Service Pathway start date for in-person learning will be Monday, April 19, 2021. *Please note: The tentative agreement between SEA and SPS for the model (including start date) for 6th - 12th grades will need SEA and School Board approval.


    Spring 2021 Forms to be Returned to Schools

    COVID-19 Informed Consent and Family Information

    504-2 Survey to Identify Students with Disabilities

    Emergency Information and Student Release

    FERPA Preschool, Elementary, K-8, Middle School

    FERPA High School

    Meal Accommodation Requests

    School Meal Accommodations

    Indian Education Program

    Indian Education Program Title VI (new students only, return only if applicable)

    Student Housing Questionnaire (return only if applicable) McKinney-Vento Program