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    Website Redesign - We Need Your Input!
    Posted on 02/18/2021

    Seattle Public Schools Website Redesign - We Need Your Input!

    Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is engaged in a year-long project to improve the user experience of our websites. Last summer, our web services team launched a project to redesign our sites and move to a new content management system (CMS).

    The SPS websites are the primary communication tool for staff and families and acts as the digital hub for district and school educational resources and information. Serving over 100 schools and close to 53,000 students, SPS sites need to work for students, current and prospective families, staff, and community members.

    Providing consistent and predictable updates has been a challenge with the current website. The web services team is excited that the new system will provide ease of use for the district's 500 editors who maintain the individual school sites, the SPS staff website, and the public district site.

    The project goals center user experience, and include: increase accessibility and community feedback in the final design, improve navigation and search functionality to help readers find resources, improve access with a mobile-first design, build a user-friendly system for content publishers, and provide a more stable web hosting environment – ensuring reliability of services and that our sites are 'always on.'

    Next Step — Help Us Improve Navigation

    Throughout the phases of the project, there have been and will continue to be opportunities to share your voice and priorities. The final design of the website will be based on user feedback with information gathered through surveys, usability testing, and website analytics. We are prioritizing engagement with community members, staff, and students and families furthest from educational justice.

    We are now in phase 2 of our project and collecting feedback and recommendations for improving our navigation and search functionality. You can help by participating in a navigation study.

    In this study, you will be presented with a basic navigation menu and asked to complete specific tasks. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete and is open until Sunday, February 28.

    District Website Navigation

    Join the District Site Navigation Study

    School Website Navigation

    Join the School Site Navigation Study


    Project Phases

    Phase 1 November - December: Interviews and focus groups with students and families furthest from educational justice, survey of all SPS website users, and web analytics review.

    Phase 2 January – February: Navigation studies to discover logical navigation structure and webpage grouping (information architecture).

    Phase 3 March – April: Design and development of look and feel with usability studies to ensure the navigation, categories, and design meet the needs of our families, students, staff, partners and broader community.

    Phase 4 April – July: Content migration and new website goes live!

    Putting Students and Families First

    SPS website redesign project is directly aligned with two Seattle Excellence priorities — providing consistent and predictable operations and ensuring authentic family and community engagement — unapologetically centered on students of color and communities furthest from educational justice.

    To be sure we are designing with our community, stakeholder engagement is imperative. In November and December, our community participated in an all-call web survey that was translated into six languages. Nearly 4,000 total people participated.

    The team also conducted a series of focus groups with middle and high school students, African American families, Native families, and families supported by Amharic, Cantonese, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese interpreters, staff, and community-based organizations who support families furthest from educational justice.


    Send us feedback or questions about this project

    Please send questions or feedback to the webmasters.

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